Poundcake Mints

Our new strains are all grown up and ready to be enjoyed! Try them all on your next visit!

Poundcake Mints2021-07-12T12:41:19-06:00

G-Spot Tornado

Flowered, trimmed and on the shelves at Hightops!

G-Spot Tornado2021-07-12T12:42:12-06:00


Harvested, dried and trimmed!


Gamma Banana in Flower

The plants are in early bloom and growing long, white pistils at their nodes (bud sites.) Pistils will rapidly change colour from white to orange/red in the coming weeks.

Gamma Banana in Flower2021-06-25T12:13:16-06:00

New Strains in Flower!

As the plants are receiving less light, they begin to focus their energy on growing buds rather than foliage. During the first week or so of flowering, plants will actually experience a period of accelerated [...]

New Strains in Flower!2021-07-02T15:05:44-06:00

Seedlings Week 10 – Ready To Flower!

Now that we have confirmation of the sex of the plants, the males are removed so that females can begin producing buds! First we cut clones of the female plants to continue the growing cycle, [...]

Seedlings Week 10 – Ready To Flower!2021-05-28T16:46:33-06:00
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