With the popularity of cannabis growing each day, more and more people have been popping into our two convenient MMJ locations in Colorado Springs to explore the variety of cannabis products and the new innovative methods of consumption. With many different ways to consume, the question arises – what is safe consumption? Depending on the reason behind someone’s use of cannabis, their consumption method will vary, and therefore, so will the parameters to remain safe. We hope this article will help you to safely consume cannabis while giving you the relief you are seeking. Safety and quality is important to us, and we want our customers to have confidence that they have the best products for their needs, and they are comfortable with their dosing. Let’s discuss the different types of consumption of cannabis and how to consume safely.


Edibles are for those who prefer to ingest their cannabis versus inhaling it. This is a great option as it can be convenient, discreet and can be administered whenever medication is needed. Types of edibles include baked goods, drinks, candies, lozenges, capsules, tinctures and more. Edibles can provide long-lasting symptom relief from the slow digestion of cannabis. Each edible product has a certain amount of cannabis which is then absorbed into the body through the stomach or gums, depending on the edible.

Safe dosage?

First of all, it is important to note that every person has a unique internal make-up and will experience different results from cannabis. Several factors go into how cannabis will affect you, including the previous history of cannabis use, gastrointestinal factors, and overall sensitivity to the effects of cannabis.

Our recommendation is that if you are new to edibles, start slow. Try a small dose of 2mg of THC for the first few times then move toward 5mg.  Edibles are absorbed slower than inhaling cannabis, so waiting approximately two hours before taking an additional dose is a great rule of thumb. A common mishap in edible dosing can occur when one does not feel the effects right away, and then ingests more infused edibles. This can lead to getting hit all at once as your body digests the multiple doses, which is why it is so important to start sow and small until you know how each edible affects you.


Another popular way to consume cannabis is by smoking the dried flower from the cannabis plant in a pipe, bong or joint. Upon inhalation, a chain reaction happens rapidly and delivers the cannabis efficiently into the body. There are different strains available at each High Tops location to help you achieve the result you are looking for. From Sativas, which will give you a more energetic high, to Indicas, which give you a more low-key experience, our budtenders can help you find the strain that’s right for you. We also carry an array of smoking accessories, from papers to small pipes to elaborate bongs, so you’ll have everything you need when you get home.

Want to know how much to smoke?

First, take into account how long your high typically lasts. Everyone’s experience will vary but on average, a high after smoking flower can last anywhere from one to three hours. A good rule of thumb for smoking flower is to start by taking one small puff and then wait it out for about 20 minutes to an hour. Coming off an uncomfortable high is never a fun experience, so we recommend starting small, and paying attention to how your body feels while medicating.


Concentrates come in many different forms, like wax, shatter, sap, and hash oils. They are usually available in one gram and half gram portions. Concentrates are considered to be any product that is created through an extraction process, and are extremely potent. Concentrates can be consumed in a multitude of ways, the most popular being vaping or dabbing.

How much should you dab?

Often concentrates are consumed via dabbing. This simply refers to the vaporization of cannabis by heating the product on a hot surface and then inhaling the smoke through a dab ring.  The potency of concentrates is a big draw for economical cannabis users, as some concentrates can test as high as 80% in THC! This means you may use less product for your desired results. Again, starting with a small portion of the concentrate is always recommended. The effects of dabbing can have strong effects and come on quickly, so we recommend this method for experienced or frequent smokers due to the high potency of the product.

We know there is a plethora of information out there regarding cannabis, and here at Hightops Medical Cannabis Dispensary, we serve countless medical patients and customers with a focus on education. We offer a curated menu of flower, edibles, and concentrates to meet all of your needs, and our budtenders are always ready to help answer any of your questions. We encourage you to visit us any day of the week, we’re open from 8am-9pm, every day. We can’t wait to serve you!