Even though recreational cannabis is not yet legal in Colorado Springs, we get visitors popping into both of our locations every day looking for recreational cannabis.  Because recreational cannabis is not yet legal in El Paso County, we must refer out-of-towners and those without a medical card to our neighbors in Manitou Springs, Denver, or Pueblo.

If you are a Colorado resident, it is fairly simple to obtain your Medical Marijuana card, also called a Red Card, and our knowledgeable and friendly budtenders are happy to point you in the right direction if getting your medical card is something you are interested in.  Another valuable resource is our blog.  We have several articles right on our website that help you to determine if you will qualify for a medical marijuana card, and the steps you need to take in order to apply.

For those of you who already have your medical marijuana card, we encourage you to shop the highest-quality flower and cannabis products in Colorado Springs by choosing High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary in beautiful Colorado Springs! This brings us to another common question we get asked:

How much cannabis can I buy at High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary at one time?

With your medical marijuana card, you have the opportunity to purchase higher quantities of medicine than you could on the recreational side. This is a huge benefit for medical card holders, because it means you can focus on your pain management as opposed to traveling to the store several times each week to purchase more medicine.  In this article, we will review exactly how much medical cannabis you are able to purchase during each visit. The amounts vary between flower, concentrate, and edibles. Plus, you can mix and match between these products to get to your maximum threshold.

On the recreational side, you may purchase only one ounce of cannabis at one time.  However, as a medical marijuana card holder, you can purchase up to TWO ounces of cannabis at one time!  You could alternately choose to grow up to 6 cannabis plants, with no more than 3 being mature at one time.  A mature cannabis plant will typically provide more than 1 ounce of usable cannabis, so if your home allows for it and you consider yourself to have a green thumb, growing cannabis may allow you to legally possess more than the limit of 2 ounces. For the majority of us who a) cannot grow cannabis inside our home; or b) have the tendency to kill plants; there is High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary. We pride ourselves on providing you with the best cannabis at the most affordable prices in Colorado Springs. Growing cannabis can be difficult, and it has a steep learning curve, so choosing a trusted dispensary and grow like High Tops takes the guesswork out of cultivating your own cannabis. Plus, with our many varying strains, you have the opportunity to try out new and different Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains as often as you’d like!

As we mentioned before, limits to how much cannabis you can purchase at one time can be mixed and matched between different types of cannabis products. This is so that your legal threshold can be maintained even if you purchase a variety of flower, edibles, and concentrates. The simplest way to remember the equation of legal holding amounts is to think of your purchase as a pie with 8 slices. Once slice of your pie is equal to 1/8 of an ounce of cannabis flower, which is equal to 1 gram of concentrate or a 100mg edible.  Since medical card holders can purchase two ounces of cannabis at one time, it’s like you have 16 slices of cannabis products to split between flower, concentrates, and edibles.

It’s important to remember that holding a medical card in Colorado is a privilege. It is part of your responsibility as a Med Card holder to follow the rules of purchasing cannabis.  It is extremely important to know the legalities of this incredible medicine in your state. In Colorado, it means that you cannot sell cannabis to anyone else, that you cannot go across state lines with cannabis products, and you must not drive after using cannabis. Something as simple as where to put your cannabis in your car after purchasing can mean the difference between a great day and a citation.

At High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary, we value our customers and want you to be informed and well. Please don’t hesitate to ask us your questions when you visit, and follow our blog for tips and insight into how to make your cannabis experience the best it can be.