Sweet Mary Janes Edibles

Sweet Mary Jane’s founder Karin Lazarus creates small batch artisanal desserts s and medicinal tinctures, custom made to order.

Carefully sourcing the freshest, high-end ingredients, Karin had a vision to create approachable, adventurous products that are a pleasure for both body and mind.

Using premium cannabis, quality chocolate, pure vanilla, and organic oils, Sweet Mary Jane’s baking methods and innovative infusions are carefully designed to deliver the best experience possible.

Sweet Mary Jane was awarded the 1st place at the Cannabis Cup for her Re-Leaf 3:1 tincture and the won the 2018 THC Championship for Best Edible.Browse her cookbook Sweet Mary Jane: 75 Delicious Cannabis-Infused High-End Desserts and try your hand at infused edibles.

Try Sweet Mary Jane’s edibles available at Hightops in Colorado Springs. Order edibles online for pick up or stop in today.