Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Cannabis

Our Veterans put their lives in constant danger as they serve and protect our country. Many men and women then re-enter the U.S. with intense and traumatic memories of what they have experienced while serving. [...]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & Cannabis2024-06-11T10:55:17-06:00

What Are The Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis?

It's no secret Cannabis has been making a name for itself in the medical world, especially for those individuals who are suffering from chronic illness, mental disorders and symptoms of aging. People all over the world [...]

What Are The Health Benefits of Medical Cannabis?2021-05-25T15:41:39-06:00

How to Start Your Medical Cannabis Journey

If you are a resident of Colorado and are curious about the steps and requirements needed to obtain your Medical Marijuana Card, this article is for you.  Maybe you are interested to see if medical [...]

How to Start Your Medical Cannabis Journey2021-09-20T17:13:00-06:00

Make Your Own Edibles with this ONE Ingredient

At Hightops Premium Cannabis Dispensary, we are all about thinking outside the box. Our valuable customers deserve the best information and the best products, and cooking can be one of the greatest joys of a [...]

Make Your Own Edibles with this ONE Ingredient2021-09-20T17:20:38-06:00

Celebrate Danksgiving with High Tops

Thanksgiving has got to be one of our favorite Holidays! Full of friends, food, and laughter; Thanksgiving represents what holidays should be about. At High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary, we not only have the best [...]

Celebrate Danksgiving with High Tops2018-11-21T16:23:04-07:00

What Does Hybrid Cannabis Mean?

For medical and recreational marijuana consumers, many choices exist for relief and enjoyment, yet there are two primary strains of cannabis, indica and sativa. Indica is known more for its pain relief and relaxation properties, [...]

What Does Hybrid Cannabis Mean?2018-12-01T15:34:50-07:00
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