For medical and recreational marijuana consumers, many choices exist for relief and enjoyment, yet there are two primary strains of cannabis, indica and sativa. Indica is known more for its pain relief and relaxation properties, affecting the body more than the mind. Sativa is known for its cerebral and energizing properties, affecting the mind more than the body. For some, the need for properties from both strains is desired, such as pain relief without the drowsiness that comes with indica. To accommodate those that require the effects of both strains, there is a third strain called “hybrid”.

Hybrid cannabis plants are made by cross-breeding two or more plants, such as sativa and indica plants, to make a hybrid. Hybrids are basically a combination of the positive characteristics of the different strains bred together. Hybrids can be broken down into three categories:

1. Sativa-dominant hybrids: provides physical and mental relief with a cerebral high and a relaxing body effect.
2. Indica-dominant hybrids: provides full-body relief with a relaxing, cerebral high.
3. Even hybrids (50/50): provides an even head and body high.

There are thousands of hybrid weed strains available. The science behind creating a hybrid include creating plants with different flowering cycles, yields, THC (delta9-tetrahydrocannabinol):CBD (cannabidiol) ratios, and plant disease resistance.

The two stand-out cannabinoids – the compounds responsible for the medical and psychoactive effects of the plant Spirit of 76 Strainon the body and mind in marijuana – are THC and CBD. Sativa contains a higher percentage of THC, the psychoactive compound that provides a “high” felt with marijuana use, causing a more stimulating effect. CBDs do not contain psychoactive properties nor cause impairment, but do offer medical benefits to users. By cross-breeding the two different strains, hybrid breeders can create specific plants that address certain medical needs, such as pain relief or nausea relief, with little or no psychoactive effects that cause a high.

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