…& Why You Could Benefit From Having One

Cannabis legislation has undergone enormous changes over the past decade.  For many, the legislation often boils down to one fundamental question – recreational or not? Without any significant illnesses, many mistakenly assume they would not qualify for a medical marijuana (MMJ) card and are satisfied with the availability of recreational cannabis. It’s easy to see why – with cannabis remaining illegal in all forms in 17 states, why not rejoice over the legality and not cause more fuss? 

However, having a red card in Colorado Springs is worth the fuss. Since Colorado became the first state to approve the use of medical marijuana in 2000, it’s become a hub for medical marijuana treatment advancement. Some of the most potent cannabis innovations have been discovered since, helping to relieve red card carriers of their pain and further destigmatizing marijuana usage.  

Out of no fault of their own, many haven’t been presented with the information that would demystify a few common misconceptions around red cards and ultimately reveal whether they are a good fit for a medical marijuana card. Thus, below 3 common misconceptions are unraveled in an effort to showcase the benefits of being a red card carrier in Colorado Springs. 

Misconception #1: My illness won’t qualify me 

According to Colorado law, a medical marijuana patient is someone who suffers from one of the conditions listed in the legislation and has received a recommendation from a physician stating that he or she suffers from a condition that may benefit from medical marijuana. A common misconception is that these conditions are limited to severe diseases like cancer or HIV, however qualifiers include a whole spectrum of conditions ranging from migraines to muscle spasms to PTSD. 

So, how do you find out if you qualify? A licensed physician must verify that the condition presented is legitimate. From there, an application can be found online by setting up a username and password at Colorado.gov. For a complete step by step guide to applying, click here.  

Misconception #2: It’s too much money and time

Like many other logistical processes, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of paperwork, approvals and other buzzwords that might trigger memories of DMV nightmares. Yet, with the correct paperwork in hand, the process is in fact very streamlined. After obtaining a physician certification with a qualifying medical condition, all that’s needed is a copy of your state-issued, valid Colorado ID or Colorado driver’s license, your social security number and your bank account number plus routing number or credit card information so that you can pay the $25 fee. 

As for time, the application itself takes a short amount of time when following the steps laid out on the Colorado official state web portal. After that, it only takes 1-3 days to be approved and have access to your card. The money and time that obtaining a red card requires upfront is simply a proactive measure to save yourself money and time in the future. 

Misconception #3: It’s not worth the hassle 

The benefits of having a red card in Colorado Springs can be found both financially and logistically. What is likely to be most appealing to anyone who has experience purchasing recreational cannabis is the difference in sales tax. While recreational marijuana is taxed at a hefty 15%, those with a red card can purchase medical marijuana from a Colorado Springs medical dispensary at a much lower 2.9% sales tax. In addition to enjoying a lower sales tax, red card carriers’ transactional purchase limit is twice that of recreational marijuana customers. A red card will also allow you access to medical dispensaries, saving a lot of hassle for those living in Colorado Springs where the sale of recreational cannabis is illegal. 


Many of those who frequent recreational dispensaries do so with the intention of benefiting from the medicinal properties that cannabis has to offer, unaware of how much time and money they could save by switching to medicinal. Hopefully this article can serve in highlighting the benefits while breaking down any misconceptions around complicated application processes so that more people can enjoy shopping at their local Colorado Springs medical dispensaries