Since marijuana prohibition began, there have been many stereotypes about cannabis and cannabis users.  These stereotypes range from cannabis smokers being lazy and unmotivated, to cannabis users being uneducated in general, and can ultimately be harmful to the widespread acceptance and legalization of cannabis. People who could benefit from cannabis might even be turned off by the idea in fear that cannabis will negatively impact their everyday lives.  The goal of this article is to address some of these harmful stereotypes and hopefully put them to rest.

Stereotype 1: Cannabis Users are Lazy and Unmotivated

This is one of the most widespread ideas about people who smoke cannabis regularly. The ‘stoner’ mentality is often portrayed in Hollywood cinema and has successfully caught on as the only type of consumer.  They are slow thinking, slow talking, and generally out of it. Most often, the stoner character is utilized in film as comedic relief.

If you are a cannabis consumer, or you know someone else who is, you know that these ‘stoner’ characteristics don’t apply.  There are huge amounts of people in the world who are highly successful and motivated and consume cannabis on the regular. Cannabis has even shown promise in helping professional athletes as a valuable medicine.  Many of these successful individuals openly take advantage of cannabis and find that it helps them in a safer and healthier capacity than other pharmaceuticals.

To further conquer the stereotype that cannabis users are unmotivated, Colorado University Boulder conducted a research study that found that 80% of cannabis users combine cannabis with their exercise. 8 out of 10 people in states where cannabis is legal, say they consume cannabis shortly before or after exercising. Many of them also said that cannabis actually helped to motivate them to work out and helps them to enjoy the workout more fully. You can read more about this credible study and their findings here.

If you have a fear that cannabis may impair your motivation if you start consuming, take the following into account. There are many different cannabinoids in cannabis that we know of today. What each individual feels and experiences during their high is determined by these cannabinoids, and each different strain of cannabis has its own unique combination of cannabinoids. How these cannabinoids react with the receptors in your body determine your levels of motivation, which is where talking with a knowledgeable budtender to find the right strain for you is extremely helpful.

At High Tops Premium Cannabis, we consider ourselves experts in many different types of strains that are available in Colorado Springs, Colorado. If you are a high-functioning individual who wants to continue being busy and motivated, we recommend consuming Sativa strains, especially during the day.  Sativa is known to increase motivation and productivity. These strains uplift the mind and give a clear and focused high. If you consume Indica strains, which are known for inducing feelings of euphoria and relaxation, you are most likely not going to feel motivated to do much of anything.  You can still live your daily life, but you may feel tired and blurry.

Stereotype 2: Marijuana Users are Uneducated and Unsuccessful

The regular use of cannabis by college students seeking a higher education is at an all-time high. Students are using cannabis to help with everything from studying and enhancing creativity, to reducing anxiety and stress brought on by heavy class loads and tests.  Cannabis is a much safer option than many of the pharmaceutical drugs that are commonly utilized by college students.

So, how are college students utilizing cannabis to study? Studying takes an extreme amount of time, energy and focus. With so much energy needed to study for university exams and quizzes, some students turn to ‘study drugs.’ Some people take amphetamines without a prescription, while others microdose drugs like LSD and MDMA. Others turn to large amounts of caffeine, and others utilize cannabis. There are many benefits of incorporating cannabis into a study routine. Utilizing a light sativa strain will naturally increase energy levels in students and boost their ongoing focus.

For students who are studying the creative arts in college, cannabis can aid in boosting one’s creativity.  Of course, everything depends on the dose of cannabis consumed, and the personality of that person. Steve Jobs (a late American business magnate and co-founder of Apple, Inc.) even once said,  “marijuana and hashish make me relaxed and creative.” There are many people out there who would agree with this statement, including your friends at High Tops.

Even though creativity as it relates to cannabis is hard to research objectively, more legitimate studies are continuing to surface, crediting cannabis as a mood and creativity enhancer.  People are always searching for new and safe ways to stay highly creative and boost productivity, and cannabis might just be the answer.

As more research is conducted, the beneficial effects of cannabis will continue to unfold in the medical community. At High Tops, we always make a point to keep up with the changing times and new studies as they are released. One thing is clear though: cannabis helps humans in more ways than we know. From pain relief, mood problems and eating disorders, to enhancing motivation and creativity, the possibilities are endless. Subscribe to our newsletter for ongoing information or stop in and talk to our expert budtenders about how cannabis can help improve your own quality of life, no matter what you do each day.