Hightops is excited to introduce a new brand to our concentrate selection:  Daboratory Premium Concentrates. Handmade in Colorado Springs, Daboratory wax and shatter is made using a proprietary BHO/PHO blend in conjunction with a proprietary purge.

Daboratory concentrates are not cut or filtered preserving the natural flavor profiles and terpenes. These practices create a healthier and cleaner medicating experience. The plant strains have been hand-selected and curated over the last decade.


Daboratory’s stabilized shatter has a consistency than can break or crack with a high concentration of THC to give you amazing product with even better taste.

Daboratory Shatter


Daboratory wax contains a high THC and cannabinoid content that creates a sugary consistency with added terpenes to preserve the complex flavors from our homegrown flower for you to enjoy.

Dabortory Wax

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