Newt Brothers live cannabis concentrates are handmade in Denver by trained industry experts ensuring only the highest quality products. Live concentrates are made using fresh cannabis plants that are flash frozen immediately after maturing in order to maintain their terpene profiles. Live concentrates retain the plant’s original flavor and fragrance in the final product, making it one of the freshest products on the market with robust flavors and mind-blowing potency.

Live Budder

Live Budder is an emulsified combination of components which normally don’t mix – cannabinoids and terpenes. When whipped together they create the harmoniously smooth texture that we call budder. Newt Brothers have perfected their live marijuana budder technique to produce concentrates from some of Denver area’s most popular strains. Since live budder retains more terpenes than other concentrates it means more enjoyable dabbing sessions.

Live Resin

Live Resin comes from the freshest cannabis possible that has been flash-frozen once picked, preserving the incredibly delicious terpenes. The process is also known as full-spectrum, because it involves the whole cannabis plant including the stalk, branches, and leaves.  As it is neither dried nor cured, which can reduce terpenes up to 60%, the result is a more intense, complex smell and flavor compared to other extraction methods.

Live Shatter

Shatter is a potent cannabis concentrate that is known for its translucent amber to reddish appearance and can be considered the purest and cleanest type of extract. To reach its full potential, live cannabis shatter must be made carefully and with great attention to detail. Our live marijuana shatter is not only potent, but possesses a strong flavor. The Newt Brothers team have studied with industry leaders to learn live shatter concentrate extraction best practices, ensuring a meticulously crafted product and consistent quality.

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