With more Americans than ever supporting the legalization of cannabis, it’s no surprise that people are becoming more and more curious about cannabis, its effects, its uses, and its benefits. Responsibly incorporating cannabis into the everyday lifestyle is a very important topic, and this article looks to discuss this trend further. How do you incorporate cannabis into your life without having an experience that’s overwhelming and unpleasant. How do you maintain a job, a family, and a social life? Microdosing may be the answer.

Consumers in both the medical and recreational markets are becoming more conscious of how much cannabis they are consuming. Consumers are looking for different types of results, which may include not getting very high. Microdosing cannabis has been a steadily rising trend in the last several years, particularly among women who are now the biggest consumers of low-dose cannabis edibles As this trend continues, there are more THC products than ever containing lower dosages of THC made specifically for the mindful consumer.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is exactly what it sounds like: people taking tiny doses of cannabis, doses so small that they don’t cause major psychoactive effects. If done correctly, you can take just enough cannabis that it offers health benefits without affecting your mental clarity or focus. It is very exciting that the health benefits of cannabis are beginning to even out the playing field with the desire to get high.

When it comes to cannabis, tiny doses of THC can be used to help reduce pain, promote sleep, improve mood, increase creativity, and treat depression, stress, and anxiety. It is also a good introduction to cannabis for people who may have no experience consuming it or those who want to try it again after decades of abstaining. This method can be used to manage symptoms, or as well as a way to slowly and comfortably increase your tolerance over time.

The typical microdose is between two and five milligrams of THC, but can go up to 10 milligrams for those with a naturally higher tolerance. To begin microdosing, start with a two-milligram dose of THC. If you prefer to smoke, look for a strain that is low in THC and begin with taking one puff. Wait at least 10 minutes to see how you feel before taking another. Consume the same amount of milligrams daily for a few days and closely monitor how you feel  If you are starting to feel the desired benefits with no feeling of being high, then you can take the opportunity to slowly increase your intake by a milligram at a time. Most microdosing consumers start with dosing twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, depending on the desired result. The amount taken and the time of day will always vary from person to person. It is also important to note that for those who are new to consuming cannabis of any kind, they should avoid consuming alcohol until familiar with the interaction.

Because of the growing popularity, some people may prefer using CBD to microdosing THC for benefits like pain relief or reducing anxiety. Choosing one over the other is personal preference. Most people need a high dose (between 10 and 100 milligrams) of CBD to feel the effects, but with THC, they’ll need a significantly lower dose to feel the intended effect. Figuring out the proper microdose for yourself requires a little bit of trial and error. Learning how to microdose is a process, since everyone’s body Is different. What is too much for one person, may not be enough for another.

Best Cannabis Products for Microdosing

As mentioned earlier, the cannabis consumer is evolving and changing. More Americans recognize the positive impact cannabis can have on their lives. Cannabis is no longer seen as a high drug; and the medical benefits are undeniable! Microdosing is helping people live a better quality of life, while maintaining a stable job and family. Because of this new consumer, legal markets have opened its doors for new and innovative technologies to be introduced into the industry. At Hightops, we have seen several new methods of consuming become available over the last few years. These new methods are making it easy for consumers to take full control of the amount they are consuming.

Combustion (Smoking Flower)

While pipes or joints are likely to be the easiest ways for you to get started, combustion is actually the most expensive and least-clean method of consumption that provides the least dosage control. A single toke can easily take someone beyond the sought-after microdose, creating a “high” sensation.


 Vaporizing is the most common way to go if you choose to microdose. With the use of herbal vaporizers, you can monitor the amount you consume. And since vaporizers heat your herbs without combustion, you can avoid the toxic elements that are harmful to your health.  You can also easily adjust the temperature of your vape device and keep the heat low. Vaping oil is another option outside of vaping flower. It’s easier to measure the dose of oil concentrates than in any dry herb form of products. This is because oil is a solvent that can be monitored whenever it is in excess. Herb lovers who consume oil concentrates usually find it easier to gauge the dosage of their oil consumption over their flower consumption.

Ingestion (Edibles)

The dosage information provided by edible manufacturers allows for an easy and accurate microdosing experience, but keep in mind that the effect comes on much slower, so dosing is trickier. With edibles, the rate in which you’ll feel the effects of your medicine will vary depending on things like the type of edible, and even what you ate during the day. It is best to start with between 2 and 5 milligrams of an edible product, wait an hour, and then decide if you should consume more.

Microdosing is all about trying to find balance, both mentally and physically. For those with depression, anxiety, pain or stress, microdosing cannabis edibles can be a great way to manage these conditions. For those with epilepsy or multiple sclerosis, a high dose can help manage a seizure or a flare up, and routine microdosing can help dissipate the frequency and severity of those episodes. 

If you are currently experimenting with microdosing, we highly recommend you try experimenting with different ratios of CBD and THC. Many consumers are finding relief when microdosing both of these cannabinoids together. You can find microdosing products with many ratio options at Hightops Premium Cannabis Dispensary 

In conclusion, microdosing is an effective method of cannabinoid therapy and can offer the consumer the relief they seek without the high. These products are offered in both the medical and recreational markets so all consumers have access to them. Whether you’re a medical patient or a recreational consumer, microdosing can benefit you. Give it a try and see what benefits you may find!