Need a little self-care for sore muscles and achy joints? Look no further than Mary jane’s Medicinals. Infusing premium cannabis with aromatic essential oils, the salve is a do it all product you didn’t know you were missing, and the aloe lotion will heal even the driest of winter skin.

Dahlia Mertens began infusing cannabis into her massage oil in Telluride to soothe her clients aches, pains and skin irritations, and soon realized she was on to something. Mixing up different formulations in her kitchen, she was able to develop her line of healing products. Ten years later, Mary Jane’s Medicinals is an industry leader in topical healing products.

The topical application of cannabis has been shown to be effective for pain management, healing of injuries, and improving skin health and appearance. When cannabis is used topically it does not elicit the psychoactive effects of smoking or ingesting cannabis, so relief and healing can occur while maintaining a clear head.

Cannabis-Infused Salve

Mary Jane’s Medicinals Cannabis Salve is the most popular of all our marijuana products, earning rave reviews from customers for its powerful, pain-relieving potential. Infused with premium cannabis, the salve has been carefully crafted for smooth, easy application and quick absorption, making it a wonderful addition to even the busiest daily routine. Enjoy the gently invigorating scents of peppermint, orange, and lavender essential oils as you apply the silky-smooth salve to target areas, then feel much-needed relief in your sore muscles and achy joints. Our Cannabis-Infused Salve is formulated with top-quality cannabis, capturing its anti-inflammatory properties in a simple-to-use form.

Cannabis-Infused Aloe Lotion

Our silky aloe lotion is a great product for skin issues that can affect larger areas of the body because it easily spreads over the skin and is quickly absorbed. Between the regenerative powers of cannabis (THC) CBDs and aloe vera’s well-known ability to treat burns, this lotion is quite effective at soothing and helping to restore sunburned, sun damaged or aging skin. And it can aid comfort for other painful skin problems too. Apply this rich cream all over your body before bed for a restful night’s sleep.

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