When it comes to female health, cannabis can be a lifesaver. Thousands of women worldwide reap the benefits of medicinal marijuana to combat the painful symptoms of chronic conditions like endometriosis and premenstrual syndrome. Continual research is being done with emerging information about how cannabis and the body work together differently between men and women.

Menstrual Pain

The primary reason women have used cannabis since ancient times is to self-medicate and manage menstrual pain and cramping. According to the Women’s Health Consumer Insight Survey, 39% of women who use cannabis use it to relieve symptoms of their monthly cycle. After frequent criticisms stating that over-the-counter medications like Midol and Pamprin are ineffective and cause unwanted side effects, cannabis businesses have started to focus more on catering to the unique needs of women.

There is convincing scientific evidence regarding cannabis’ ability to alleviate menstrual pain and cramping, although it is debated whether it can prevent the onset of pain altogether. Newer research, however, suggests that cannabis can potentially do both, functioning as a pain blocker and a preventative medicine.

Research also shows that a correlation between THC and CBD creates a pain-suppressing effect combined with muscle relaxation. Women who suffer with menstrual cramps can also take advantage of the muscle-relaxing properties of THC by applying topical treatments to the lower abdomen. Even though they will not feel the psychoactive effects, the muscle-relaxing effects will remain. There are several types of cannabis products catered to women besides topicals like bath salts, capsules and even tampons that contain THC to provide unique methods of relief for each woman’s individual needs.

Premenstrual Syndrome Relief with Cannabis

Many women not only experience cramping during their period, but also many other uncomfortable symptoms on the days leading up to it. Some of these symptoms include bloating and upset stomach, tender breasts, headache, low sex drive, as well as mood swings. Not all women have the same symptoms and the severity differs woman to woman based on environmental factors like anxiety and stress.

Headaches and migraines are also common during PMS and periods. Cannabis is widely known for easing headaches along with the symptoms listed above. With headaches and migraines, it may be beneficial for women to consider micro-dosing, as high-THC cannabis is not a viable option for most people to dose throughout the day. Discreet tinctures or edibles with a balanced THC:CBD ratio may offer the best therapy, without major psychoactive side effects. To find out which is best for you, stop into High Tops Premium Cannabis Dispensary and discuss your best options with our knowledgeable budtenders.

Treating Mood Swings with Cannabis

The hormonal changes experienced by women every month can cause uncontrollable mood swings. This happens during the days before a period officially starts. Most general practice doctors prescribe antidepressants to women with these symptoms. As we all know, these types of pharmaceuticals come with a wide variety of harsh side effects. Cannabis can help! People commonly consume cannabis to not only treat pain, but also to ease many other ailments like emotional stress, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders.

Menopause Relief with Cannabis

Young women aren’t the only ones taking advantage of the benefits of cannabis. Older women also look to medical marijuana to manage the symptoms of menopause. Some women transitioning through menopause may choose marijuana products to supplement and even replace estrogen therapy.

There are a substantial number of women who are choosing cannabis to improve sleep patterns during this time too. One of the most common symptoms of menopause is severe insomnia, even for women who have never experienced insomnia before. Fortunately, Indica cannabis products are known to help achieve a full, recuperative sleep all night. Research also suggests that CBD products can aid in this area for some patients.

Other Cannabis Benefits for the Aging Woman

A daily cannabis microdosing routine for aging women can reduce the unpleasant physical and mental symptoms of menopause while still allowing her to function throughout her day. Some daily benefits of cannabis consumption for women include alleviating stress and anxiety. When consumed in higher doses, cannabis can sometimes cause anxiety or feelings of paranoia, but when taken in smaller doses, it can create a calming and relaxing effect.

If losing sleep, women typically experience higher stress levels and increased irritability throughout the day. By achieving a more restful sleep, the ability to cope with daily stressors and hormonal changes becomes easier while decreasing the dreaded brain fog that comes with body changes due to age.

During menopause, many painful conditions become more pronounced and more difficult to tolerate. Indica-based strains of cannabis will help to relieve inflammation and pain while increasing the overall feeling of wellbeing. Protecting that feeling is crucial during this time of transition in women’s lives.

Medical cannabis on a commercial scale is still in its infancy. Research of the therapeutic benefits of cannabis specific to women is still lacking, but evidence is pointing to several positive benefits for women. Cannabis shows promise as a safer alternative to hormone therapy, antidepressants, anti-anxiolytics, as well as sleep aids. And with increased public awareness surrounding the rediscovered use of cannabis for women’s health, along with the recent promising research, the future of cannabis as a medicine for treating period pain looks very promising.